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Published on May 1st, 2014 | from CAMH

#ThanksDoc: A grandmother’s story of gratitude on Doctors’ Day

by Debbie, grandmother of a CAMH youth client

Telling everyone I can how spectacular Dr. Carlisle is, is truly easy.

Dr. Carlisle is a phenomenal physician working in trying and stressful situations. She excels at providing outstanding care, support, guidance, compassion and commitment to her clients and their families. I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this way.

I wanted to share some of our experiences with Dr. Carlisle that have had such a positive impact on our family that we could never have imagined.

  • Empathy and compassion are so readily evident when Dr. Carlisle discusses my grandson’s treatment. We are part of the decision-making process in all aspects of his care. Dr. Carlisle’s sensitivity to Cory’s needs is so appreciated. Cory knows that he has control over his treatment and is listened to by Dr. Carlisle. Dr. Carlisle’s calm, reassuring, yet forthright manner is effective in helping Cory accept and learn to live with the challenges of his complex mental health needs. Cory’s mental health does not define him. It is but a part of who he is that he and the family are learning to live with successfully – with Dr. Carlisle’s and CAMH’s continued support.
  • Dr. Carlisle’s philosophy is “small steps” which underlines her cautious, thorough and thoughtful approach to care.
  • Life is full of difficult decisions. Dr. Carlisle never backed down from these heartbreaking challenges. She and her team gave Cory the strength to make the changes he so desperately wanted in his life. Regardless of these challenges, Dr. Carlisle and her team continue to offer Cory and our family unparalleled support and care – particularly as resources are so limited.
  • Dr. Carlisle has a remarkable sense of humour and commitment to care. On one occasion, Dr. Carlisle was writing an exam that made her unavailable to us. Cory and I speculated as to what exam he thought Dr. Carlisle had written. During our appointment, I mentioned this to Dr. Carlisle and told her I thought she might have received her dog groomer’s license. Cory piped up and said, “Naw I bet it was her GED so now she is qualified to be a doctor!” Dr. Carlisle’s hearty laugh filled the room and Cory’s mischievous grin and twinkling eyes were a true sight to behold. Dr. Carlisle and Cory continue to banter about this and other things. Her lovely sense of humour is such a stress reliever for both of us.
  • When life gets tough, Dr. Carlisle is there. I reached a point of despondency. Dr. Carlisle rallied to my needs and told me, “It’s okay that you have lost hope, Debbie. I will lend you some of my hope for now.” A week or so later I returned Dr. Carlisle’s hope as I had found my own hope once again. 🙂

Recently someone who hadn’t seen Cory in over a year, saw him and said, “You look terrific. I didn’t even recognize you!” Cory’s bright smile lit up his face as he playfully replied:

“I’m awesome!”

So, as we continue on our winding journey of life we have travelled from Cory believing he wasn’t worth the skin he inhabited to now – where Cory knows he is awesome!!!

Knowing that Dr. Carlisle, her team and CAMH are taking each step with us along our journey and offering a steady hand when we stumble is so reassuring. Our gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Carlisle, her team and CAMH are boundless. 🙂

We are truly blessed to have Dr. Carlisle, her team and CAMH’s ongoing support in our lives.

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