Learn 5Qs with a Thought Spot Student Volunteer

Published on July 28th, 2016 | from CAMH Education

5Qs with a Thought Spot Student Volunteer

The Thought Spot project empowers students to build a resource to suggest and locate various health and wellness services around Toronto.

In this fourth instalment of our Thought Spot Summer Workshop series, we take a look at the project from a student volunteer’s point of view.

Who are you and what is your position at CAMH?

Hi there! My name is Deighton Edwards, and I am a member of the Thought Spot Student Team! This is my first time being involved with a CAMH project, and I have to say, it’s been a pretty incredible experience so far. There’s something spectacular about getting a group of passionate individuals in a room and letting the ideas flow—and that’s exactly who we are and exactly what we’re doing!

Thought Spot app on iPhone

The Thought Spot Student Team is made up of post-secondary students from across Toronto who are helping CAMH Education plan the optimization of the Thought Spot app. We are currently meeting monthly to share our big dreams and plan for what we envision the app to become.

What is the goal of this project?

The Thought Spot app is an interactive map developed by students for students. It acts as a crowd-sourced place to find available mental health and wellness spots around the city. The app also has important information about each spot (which can include hours of operation cost, special features, as well as the address, phone, etc), so the user can find exactly what they are looking for. Together we are trying to ensure that students are able to find the resources they need with as few barriers as possible.

Who is this project geared toward?

The project is geared toward students in the GTA who are looking for a variety of things—from religious affiliated groups to personal counselling to sports centres—filterable by school affiliation, hours, accessibility and a wide range of other features. Thought Spot users curate the spots on the app, so students who are looking for spots, or looking to create a spot, can really have ownership over what the app offers.

Where can someone get more information about your project?

You can find information on Thought Spot just about everywhere online. It is available for download through the app store, and can be found on FacebookTwitter and Instagram under the @mythoughtspot handle. As well, our responsive website, mythoughtspot.ca can be used in place of the app.

You can download the Thought Spot app on Android or Apple devices.

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