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The view from the other side of the table

It’s that time of year when governments across the country are presenting budgets for the upcoming year. As someone who once worked for a Minister of Finance, I can attest to the lengthy process that precedes Budget Day. Read more

Mental illness and the law: a revealing look at the NCR process

This past weekend I found myself in a sold-out theatre taking in John Kastner’s film NCR: Not Criminally Responsible at the Hot Docs Film fest. The documentary tells the story of a man, Sean Clifton, who is found NCR after stabbing a woman in a mall parking lot. The timing of its release is perfect. We couldn’t be at a more critical time in history given the federal government’s proposed changes to the NCR defense. Read more

Beyond bricks and mortar

For those living with mental illness and addictions, housing is so much more than bricks and mortar – it is a part of their recovery. Stable housing means independence, a chance at employment, friendships, dignity and a better quality of life. More than 500,000 Canadians living with mental illness are inadequately housed and more than 100,000 are homeless. At CAMH nearly half of our Alternate Level of Care (ALC) clients are waiting for supportive housing. This means that hospital beds become “homes” for some and are not available for others with acute needs. Read more

“My sister is getting worse but she refuses to get help…”

Families often witness the struggles of their loved ones and want to help. There are times when someone who is ill does not want to accept help – this leads to frustration by those closest to them.  In these times, concerned family members often wonder why we can’t confine or impose care upon their relative. Read more


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