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What can we do to stop physician burnout in Canada?

by Stephen Kish

We all know about the long wait times when we visit family doctors in Canada.

This is a special problem in psychiatry as most psychiatric help is provided by these first line treatment providers.

Now we are told that physician “burnout” (exhaustion, cynicism, and low professional accomplishment) will only make matters worse and the lines longer.

Carolyn Dewa, who heads the CAMH Centre for Research on Employment and Workplace Mental Health, and Dr. Philip Jacobs from the Institute of Health Economics in Alberta recently published an estimate in BMC Health Services Research of the percentage of physicians in Canada who are suffering from burnout and the consequences associated with this stress.

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Helping victims of offenders who are not criminally responsible

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Does major renovation of inpatient units in psychiatry improve treatment outcomes?

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Reducing intoxication among bar patrons

CAMH scientist Kate Graham and her colleagues in Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. feel that laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol in bars to intoxicated customers are still not working. Read more


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