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Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

By Dr. Bernard Le Foll, Head of the Alcohol Research and Treatment Clinic at CAMH

Canada is a country that both enjoys alcohol, but is also fairly responsible about its education, sale and distribution to the public.

And yet there are still gaps in knowledge about the new treatment options available.

As head of the Alcohol Research and Treatment Clinic at CAMH, I want to take an opportunity to provide insight on our work. But it begins with language.

While “alcohol dependence” and “alcohol abuse” are still used, since DSM-5 we are seeing a shift towards the term “Alcohol Use Disorder” to refer to the spectrum of ways that alcohol can affect the person. This reflects the fact that some people lose control over their use of alcohol. It also acknowledges that there is a continuum that ranges from normal use, up to use that produces very severe complications in the person affected. Read more

Let’s talk about Concurrent Disorders

Concurrent-disorder-smby Dr. Donna Ferguson, Psychologist with the WSIB Psychological Trauma Program

This week is National Addiction Awareness Week and I would like to focus on those who struggle with co-occuring mental illness and addiction – called concurrent disorders.

This can mean experiencing depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or another mental illness, while also experiencing an alcohol use disorder, cannabis dependence, or even problem gambling. These co-occuring illnesses may be active at the same time or at different times, in the present or in the past, and their symptoms may vary in intensity and form over time. Read more

How Tobacco Free is keeping me healthy

Tobacco freeLilian Riad-Allen, Project Manager of CAMH’s Tobacco Free Initiative speaks to a client who applauds the move.

I was contacted by a former client named Sean who felt compelled to share his tobacco story. Sean said he was interested in sharing his story because he believes that quitting smoking is the best thing a person can do for their health, especially someone on income support. Read more

The Meaning of Remembrance Day

PoppyBy Monica Beron, Social Worker at CAMH

Last week on the subway I saw a kid, a very young kid in street clothes in his early twenties. As the sister of an army kid I always notice the giveaways; the dog tags around the kid’s neck- those were the real thing. I noticed a couple more things. I smiled. I got off at my stop. I wondered when he was deployed. I went home.

Read more

Paying it forward

Jim-Gina-OT-AwardsGina Oades is an Occupational Therapist (OT) with CAMH’s LEARN program, a program that facilitates recovery and community integration for clients recovering from a first episode of psychosis. OTs at CAMH help people to recover and stay well by supporting them while they engage in meaningful occupations in life (Self-care, Leisure, and Productivity).

A few weeks ago, I paid forward an act of kindness on behalf of the clients and staff at LEARN. I secretly nominated two of my CAMH colleagues, Jim Davey and Bill Markakis, for the Excellence in Interprofessional Support of Occupational Therapy Services Award, in recognition for the work that they’ve done connecting our clients with volunteers from the CAMH Corporate Volunteer Program. This program offers hands-on volunteer opportunities that match the values of participating company. This year, the LEARN program, with the help of Jim and Bill, hosted 10 different companies in our Sports & Gym Group!

And what is even more remarkable? They won the award!

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